I’ve been dying to run the St. George Marathon for years and I finally did it!  This was actually my fifth marathon and I was just happy that I could check it off my list.  Even better than that, I got my Boston qualifying time, which has also been a long time in the making.  Years ago (in fact, I think I was in high school), when I first heard about the Boston Marathon, I thought it would be pretty cool to run it one day and I finally have that chance coming up.  Maybe not this spring, but the next one in April 2011.  St. George has an awesome and beautiful marathon course.  It was hard and grueling, as marathons always are, but it also felt so good to finish.  I was definitely on a high the rest of the day!
It was nice to have a trip down to St. George with Kevin and without the kids (thanks to Marlene & Jerry)!  I admit I missed them, but I actually got to sleep in and just lay around.  I think I needed that after the marathon.  I’m also celebrating my 33rd birthday.  I think these next years in my 30’s are going to just fly by- because how is it that I’m already 33?  I’m sure there are a lot of good , busy years ahead!