I’ve been able to delay this long enough and it’s embarrassing because pretty much every one I know has a blog and keeps up on it. So we’ve started blogs several times now and have never stayed with it. You can always start again!

We finished up a family home evening tonight about managing finances. Very simple lesson for our four children (ages 9, 6, 4 and 1). Of course our 1 year old just played on the table. But we gave $5 each to the others and had them fill out tithing forms and pay 10% to that and 10% to savings, etc. In fact, this can be compared to our blog habits. We’ve also done it several times in the past for the little kids, but not enough. Several things we can recommit on today.
The kids also have routine charts, which list everything they need to do on a daily basis, like brushing teeth, etc. We tried to explain to them that they needed to to their routines everyday in order to get their $5 allowance the first Monday of each month. Okay- I’m saying this right now because if I don’t write it down, I’ll never remember: the rest of Norah’s money is in the silver vase above the fridge. Will I remember to refer back to this post, so I can remember where I put it?
And once again, we have a new virus going through the kids. Maxwell & Norah both came down with fevers today. Truman had one for three days, but he’s better today. It really seems like we have had no break from colds and flus. Really, pretty much constantly, someone has had something. So does this mean that we’re not getting enough vitamin D? Seems likely.