Yesterday evening Kevin & I dropped the kids off (although Hannah was at her cousin, Emily’s, house) at the Wingers for date night swap and we did our first little hike to start preparing to hike Mt. Ranier in July. It’s all pretty exciting for me because I haven’t done something like this in a LONG time. I can hardly believe that I’ll be attempting Ranier. It’s awesome! My most recent memories of extended hiking are from 10+ years ago.

In fact, I was asking Kevin if he remembered that last time we had gone on a hike together, without the kids. He couldn’t remember. Hmmm… probably the last time was when we were DATING. In between that time, we’ve done all sorts of little hikes with the kids. But this is different. The weather yesterday evening was perfect. Not too hot or too cold. We hiked up a little canyon trail in the corner of Alpine. We both have new hiking boots to break in. So far, so good.
Hannah: She has to do a report on a county in Utah. She chose Emery County. Yes, I never had Utah history/geography when I was in school and I didn’t even know this county. Apparently, Goblin Valley is in Emery county. So we’ve been trying to help her finish up her extensive report of Emery county. She loves her ballet classes. We are looking forward to her spring performance on May 7 & 8. Kevin is still coaching her soccer team, “Pink United,” and he enjoys it. There’s something really fulfilling about teaching, whatever it may be. Although, it is difficult to fit it in with his busy work schedule and he’s having a tough time accepting the fact that he most likely can’t fit it in next year. There is a time and season for everything, right? Plus, he has 3 other kids that need his coaching expertise! Each one gets a turn.
Maxwell: He went to a birthday party for a classmate yesterday at Boondock’s and loved it. Now he’s trying to plan his party there. His birthday is in less than 3 weeks, but we’ll see what happens. He’s hoping for a bike! He is such an enthusiastic kid and we love it. Still doing great at math, inasmuch as he loves to count money and calculate how much he needs for different lego sets. He’s doing soccer and baseball this spring and we are already noticing an improvement from last year. The more our kids grow and mature, the more they understand how to play sports! It’s getting more fun that way. Neither of his top two teeth have come through yet, although one is getting close. I just think he’s so cute without those top two teeth!
Norah: Kevin & I are grasping for any information/help on how to raise this very strong-willed little 4-year-old. EVERYTHING has to be her way, down to the smallest detail. Many people say this can be a good thing, if she is strong-willed about doing GOOD things. What do we do? She can be so cute and sweet! But the next minute, she’s throwing crazy fits because we will not do something precisely as she directs. It’s making a difficult situation for teaching her and doing workbooks with her, because she wants me to do only what she says. I keep repeating to her that I am the teacher and I get to decide what and how to teach. How do we deal with this crazy power struggle? Part of my concern is that I haven’t had enough one-on-one time with her. I’ve realized that teaching piano lessons has been taking up more of my time than I anticipated it would this year. It’s been a learning experience for me (wait- haven’t I learned this same lesson before?). So she probably hasn’t gotten the quality time from me that she deserves. I think giving her more one-on-one time would help the situation. But she is a cute, little PETITE girl!
Truman: Potty-training. Now that he is two years old, I start feeling the expectation. But I am not looking forward to it. I don’t even know if the kids is interested (see how I look for excuses not to do it?). But it’s going to be a great day when we don’t have any kids in diapers. That’s a big motivation. Ugh. My last little strong-willed child (Norah) was my most difficult to potty-train and those memories are still fresh in my mind. So I’m not rushing to do it at the moment. We’ll see what happens…
He is so cute right now! He loves “caws,” “twucks” and “baws” (cars, trucks and balls). So it’s great that we could give him a ball and a little truck for his birthday and he was totally happy! Hannah was especially excited to make his birthday cakes. Yes, he had more than one, because he had to have one to celebrate with extended family and one to celebrate with just our little family. The bad side is that Kevin and I can’t have cake laying around here. We’re trying to be really good on our diets.
In short, these are really good years. All of the kids are so cute. We’re busy, but they are definitely good years.