Yes, bless my in-laws!  They invited us over for some delicious soup.  Kevin’s at a healthcare conference in New Orleans and won’t be back for a couple days still.

Hannah, who loves to bake these days, made a chocolate cake, which she had to take over there to bake.  She didn’t have time to bake it at home before we needed to leave.  I had to emphasize to her that I did NOT want that cake laying around in my view the next day.  Or else she goes to school and it stares me down until I partake.  Of course, it’s a “healthy” cake (whole wheat flour, honey, etc.), but come on- cake is cake, when it comes down to it.

We went to Maxwell’s 1st grade singing program today.  The whole first grade presented a program of all the songs they learned how to sing throughout the year.  I especially like the ones about George Washington and St. Patrick’s Day.  Pretty cute.  Except it seemed like Maxwell didn’t remember the words to half the songs.