Norah has been part of a mom’s group preschool this year, where several moms take turns teaching each week. A couple weeks ago it was my turn and we tried to take a little field trip to the Alpine Art Center, which features many bronze statues on the grounds. Maybe it wasn’t the best day for a field trip- rainy & cold! Still we got some cute pictures of the 4-year-olds. She has a great life- preschool, many play dates and she also started taking gymnastics a few months ago. She’s super cute in her pink leotard. I wanted to snap a picture of her before she left for her class this morning, but she was having a meltdown about how I did her hair (pretty common these days).

In fact, Kevin & I are turning circles trying to figure out how to deal with her “everything has to be MY WAY” attitude. If it’s not exactly her way, tantrums, screaming & crying follow. We implement time outs (the way I learned from a fantastic book, “1-2-3 Magic”), but there is other behavior that we just haven’t dealt with from our other kids. That’s when you have to turn to new helps to get through it. My sister lent me her book, “Love & Logic Magic for Early Childhood” and we’ll give it shot! Stay tuned for any progress we make with this.