Last week on Maxwell’s 7th birthday (5/13/10), we had a small disaster in our house.  We had sewage overflow run into half our basement.  Ugh.  I don’t even want to explain all the details as to how this happened right now, but I can say that I didn’t know what it was when I first started cleaning it up (do I need my head examined?).  Later when I realized what I had been into, I was horrified!  And my sweet neighbor, Catherine, helped me clean it up for 2.5 hours.  All the kids were running around us as we cleaned.  That’s no good!  Disaster cleanup company is still working on it.  Going to take time to get it back to normal down there.

Later that day, I took Maxwell to his baseball game, where he got his first good hit of the season.  So there was one good thing that day for him!

The next day we went to Emery County, specifically Goblin Valley State Park.  It was awesome!  I have always wanted to go to Goblin Valley; it was perfect for the kids.  They had a great time climbing around on the cool rock formations.  We did it in one day, down and back.  Though we were still feeling some stress about the previous day’s events, it was worth making the trip down.  The inspiration to do it came from Hannah’s assignment to prepare a presentation or report on a county in Utah.  She chose Emery County.  We learned a lot about Emery County.  Wished we could have visited the dinosaur quarry, but maybe next time!

Also, Hannah lost a tooth in the car on the drive down, as she was chewing on some peach gummy rings.  Just popped right out!  The three older kids did pretty well on the long drive, but Truman did not!  We endured a fair amount of crying from him.  Maybe he’ll be better in another year.  At least we got some cute pictures!