This is Maxwell’s journal entry, which I will spell exactly as he did (I will only put translation in as necessary, in parentheses):

Gblin Valy

Maxwell Brooks

we drive to goblin valy  wen we got of the car we strtit (started) to Hik.  there were Sum Prty cool spots.  we pald (played) and Hik  we Sou (saw) krasy chrs (crazy trees)

then are (our) mom took the litl ones (Norah & Truman) to the car.  my dad said we wel go for 10 mits (minutes) more.  wen we got to the stanting wotrs (standing waters) we so (saw) blood.  it was a litl bit skry.  then we went to gobln valy

We went to goblin valy  we plad orond on the roks.  me and my sistr Had a wery (war).  we Had a fun time  then we went Hame

I thought this was a good Maxwell description of a trip I hope he’ll never forget!

Now the kids are enjoying homemade popcorn on the couch, while watching a classic, Karate Kid.