I really, really like the summer holidays, especially the 4th of July.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I like it better than Christmas.  Who needs all the focus on buying lots of presents?  Way better to buy lots of fireworks!  Furthermore, why can’t we have fireworks for MORE holidays?  The Chinese do.  They probably use fireworks for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  I say, bring it on!  Maybe we should stock up on fireworks (that are hopefully 50% off or something after tomorrow) for the rest of the year!  Are those pretty safe to store?

We’ve had some good times the past few days.  Jacob & Lori came in town and so did Andrea!  It’s been great.  We tried to visit the calcite mine with Grandpa Jeff on Thursday.  Sadly, it started to rain right before we reached our destination and the dirt road we were driving on became so muddy, it was too dangerous to continue.  Weather ruins everything (can you tell I’m still bummed about not doing Rainier because of weather?)!!!!  But on the way back, we stopped at a campsite in the Uintahs and had some tasty dutch oven cooking!  Really, it was the most magically delicious peach cobbler ever made practically.  It almost made us forget that we were being eaten alive by mosquitos.  We also saw a moose on the drive up. It’s very beautiful up that way.

The next day, on Friday, we spent time with the Brooks family.  Grandma Dorothy & Papa Jim came down for the holiday weekend.  Also, Kevin’s aunt, Michelle, came up with her husband, Steve, and two kids, Darby & Dawson, from New Mexico.  It’s been good to get caught up and spend some time together with everyone!  The cousins have had a lot of good times playing together.

On Saturday, we went down to Provo and hiked a little ways up Rock Canyon to do some rock climbing!  All the kids loved it!  Jacob & Lori’s boys, Allan, Nathan & Joshua, were asking us if we could make it a yearly event.  I think we should definitely do it.  It was my first time too and I liked it.  Later, we had the traditional pre-fireworks BBQ & homemade ice cream at Grandpa Jeff’s house.  We get to see many of our extended family and we love that!  All the boys were eager to light small fireworks until the big ones started, that we typically watch from Grandpa’s front lawn.

Today, we were with the Brooks family again and did some more fireworks on the driveway.   Tomorrow there is more to come.  We plan on going to the parade in Provo in the morning and the kids usually love that!  After tomorrow, life as usual.  I think we’ll be ready for it by then!