I couldn’t take it.  I had to get Melissa a bike.  Yesterday I stealthily purchased a Specialized Dolce with the new SRAM APEX groupo.  It is an aluminum frame with a carbon fork.  It is pretty sweet ride.

This morning we ventured out for a ride together so she could get used to the feel of a new bike.  After all, it was the first time I have ever seen Melissa on a bike.  I thought we should ride something flat and easy, but at the last minute we decided to head up Suncrest (a climb of 1,300 ft.)  She did awesome!  This is not an easy ride.  On the way down her hands got sore because she was using the brakes so much, but that is to be expected for a first ride.

Hannah also got a new bike as an early birthday present.  She got a pretty sweet Cannondale F9 mountain bike.  Hannah and Maxwell love riding their bikes in the fields behind our house, especially up to see the horses and cows.

It has been a lot of fun!

This is Melissa writing now- Kevin wanted me to add my take on my first cycling experience.  Actually, I had a hard time falling asleep the night before because I was both excited and nervous!  It was pretty surreal for me to actually have a bike and be riding it-  probably because I’ve been dreaming about the day, but thinking it was still far into the future.  So it’s very exciting to get into it now.  One person after another was flying by me up that hill and  I know Kevin could have totally smoked by, but he hung back with me on my first time.  I’m looking forward to all the good times in the future!