Kevin & I ran the Hobble Creek Half Marathon for the first time this morning.  Not a bad course.  Really a preferable course for a half marathon.  Better than my Salt Lake half experience!  I think I enjoy spending a good portion of a race in a canyon or someplace beautiful, just experiencing nature.  I definitely could tell that I was not in the same shape as last summer during this time when I was gearing up to the St. George marathon.  I could feel that I haven’t been logging the same kind of miles that I did then.  They’re mixed feelings:  sometimes I’m wishing that I could be at the same level, yet other times I’m so glad to be taking a break!
I think we both finished feeling pretty good physically and getting decent times for ourselves (not PRs, but not shameful either), so it was all good!  Thank heavens it’s done.  I’m not sure if Kevin will ever do a half marathon again.  He’s pretty happy to stick with cycling for the most part.  I’ve also loved using my new bike and it would certainly be awesome to do a cycling race the next time we do something together.  I’m such a novice, I need some time to get closer to Kevin’s level (which will make him laugh, but he’s a lot faster than me).
Thanks to Aunt Mandy and cousin Emily, we had some babysitters for our kids!  You guys are the best!