Oh yeah!  Team “Second Honey Mooners”  finished the Red Rock Relay!  Tons of fun.  We were in van 2 with Sheree & Jared Winger and my good neighbor, Catherine Johnson, who jumped in at the last minute to cover for another couple that had to drop out.  All great people and friends- it was a lot of fun to be with them!  Van 1 had Jenny & Lane, Harmony & Todd Saunders and Sarah & Kevin Abbott-  all great team mates and friends.   The route’s scenery was fantastic, which went from Brian Head, next to Cedar Breaks National forest, to just outside of Zion’s National Park.  Great weather too.  Really nothing to complain about, besides having to lose a night’s sleep.  Hopefully we’ll make up that lost sleep pretty soon!  The fun outweighs that though.  So great to be with good friends and get in a butt-kicking workout at the same time!