It was a beautiful day!  Perhaps the best ride I have ever been on.  The leaves are starting to change up the canyon, the skies were blue, and the temp was crisp yet warm.

Originally I planned to ride the Nebo Loop with some friends, but we had some scheduling conflicts.  Instead, Melissa and I rode the Alpine Loop Summit.   Nothing could have been better.  Even better, I was able to go with Melissa.

Here are a few details:

Distance: 31miles
Elevation Gain: 3,387 ft.
Summit Elevation: 8,024
Ranger Station to Summit: 1:28

Melissa, in her humility, is embarrassed by the fact I am focusing on her so much in this post, but I had fun putting it together.

This is Melissa here now.  You may notice that someone needs to be taking the video and pictures.  Yes, it was Kevin, while riding his bike, practically in circles around me.  I am NOT fast!  Kevin can pretty much whoop my butt up that mountain.  I hope to be like him on a bike someday (in my dreams)!  But it really was an absolutely beautiful Fall day.  I couldn’t have asked for better weather!  What a great way to start the beautiful Fall season.