Early in the week we had a Raccoon in one of our window wells.  He thrashed our screen.  Melissa placed a ladder in window well hoping he would climb out himself.  After the raccoon took a short nap he found his way home.
I am torn on the Wii.  We finally bought one a couple of weeks ago and it has been a mixed blessing.  It is definitely a motivator for the kids to complete chores, but it is also a new source of conflict.  Norah has proven to be the best in the family at MarioKart (seriously, she is good).
We have asked Hannah over the years if she wanted to pierce her ears.  She has never shown a strong interest mostly because of horror stories from cousins on both sides of the family.  Yesterday, she actually expressed interest in getting it done.  I think one of the motivators was her upcoming performance in The Nutcracker.  Hannah will be a Candy Cane this year.