Truman has been waiting to be a bumblebee ever since he first saw the costume at Grandma Marlene’s!  He loves it.  He loves pretending to sting people.  Norah was a princess witch, if you can’t tell.  Maxwell was a ninja and Hannah was a fortune teller (they are not pictured in their costumes here).  The pumpkin next to Hannah was particularly difficult to carve.  I really had to hack at it.  Does it just look like it sat in the pumpkin patch a little too long?  Kevin carved the Ute pumpkin.  He’s developed some decent pumpkin carving skills! 

Hannah went trick-or-treating with her friend, while I took Maxwell, Norah & Truman trick-or-treating… in the car!  It was raining lightly outside half the time.  Kevin stayed home to pass out the 100% fruit leather.  That’s right, no evil HFCS at our joint (happy halloween!:)).  Truman actually just sat in the car the whole time and let Maxwell & Norah run up to the doors, to fetch candy for him, so he would stay happy.  Norah tripped on her “princess witch dress” about four times.  They are all at very cute ages!