This is Hannah’s second year in the Nutcracker, with her ballet studio Barlow Arts Conservatory.  She loves it!  In fact, it is her second time being a candy cane!  Doesn’t she make a great candy cane?  I was able to be a chaperon mom backstage, watching over all the other candy canes.  It was actually a lot of fun to be with them and see how the production went.  Hannah’s favorite part was the Spanish dancers, Norah’s favorite person was Clara.  Norah was very cute to be with when she watched.  During the dance of the snowflakes, she happily said, “It’s princesses!!!”  Although it was a little bit of a rough time for her, as it was past her bedtime.  She was also telling us that she wanted to go to sleep.  I think Maxwell’s favorite part was the enormous Mother Ginger.  This character is difficult to describe adequately.  It was a man in a huge skirt (in fact, he was on some kind of scaffolding, which rolled around on wheels).   All these little gingerbread cookie dancers hid under the skirt and then ran out to do their dance.  But his expressions and/or acting was hilarious.  Apart from how much fun this all was, we are GREATLY relieved that it is done for this year.  Enough rehearsals and late nights for us!  Time to get back on a normal schedule… especially a normal sleeping schedule!