Norah is super cute!  She’s really been trying hard to learn her letters, sounds and forming words.  She is just at a fantastic age, where she says the cutest things and is super sweet (most of the time).  It’s a lot of fun.  There are those great moments when we just want her to stay this age forever.  It’s so good it’s hard to describe sometimes!

All of the kids are cute!  Hannah is really growing up.  We love hearing her jokes and seeing the comics she makes up.  She will draw out some great comics.  We just love laughing with her.  She likes to send me hilarious texts.  It’s great to see her grow her talents and interests.  She really does love going to her ballet classes.  She just had tryouts, in fact, for their next performance in the Spring, “Alice in Wonderland.”  We still don’t know what part she will be.  She’s doing awesome in school and just told me tonight that she needs to check out a fantasy-genre book asap for her next book report.  Any great suggestions out there for 10-year-olds?

Maxwell also came back with a great report card this week.  Oh, he’s so much fun!  He’s always full of zest and excitement for life.  It makes life so fun!  Although, he is not always so excited about practicing the piano and does occasionally try to get away or get out of doing it.  Pretty typical with kids.  But we’re still holding strong to the hope that someday he’ll thank us for it!!!!  Oh yeah, he’d better.  I also love watching Maxwell ride his bike (and Hannah).  They just look so happy!  A funny thing- some weeks ago his primary teacher asked me what some of his talents were.  Of course, I said things like a good piano player, a good friend, good at math, etc.  Later Maxwell said, “Mom, why did you say that stuff?  Why didn’t you say that like I rock at playing the Wii and that I’m a master lego builder?”  Yes, of course, why didn’t I think of that?

Truman, last, but not least, still makes my heart melt with his sweet “baby” puppy-dog eyes!  He’s saying more and more words all the time.  Probably most of them are words and phrases that he learns from his older siblings, pertaining to legos and playing computer games, etc.  He’s also really getting into friends.  He loves playing with other little friends!  Okay, I’m going to admit that he still sleeps in a crib and that’s so I can make him take a nap.  Yes, he can’t climb out, so it’s a good way to “lock him up” and make him stay in there and sleep!  But when he goes in, he demands that he “needs something.”  He then proceeds to point out things that need to go in the crib with him.  He’ll even get Maxwell to put stuff in there at night before he goes to sleep.  It’s ridiculous how full his crib gets with cars, books, trucks, toys, etc.  Later, after he goes to sleep, we try to unload it.  How the heck does he sleep with all that stuff?