April Fool’s Day was great!  It’s a favorite holiday in our family- especially for Hannah.  She played a lot of jokes on us!  Taped up door knobs, put rocks in Maxwell’s lunch, made oatmeal with vinegar, etc.  I have to say I was impressed by all hear good ideas.  Also, just a quick update that the AF Canyon Half Marathon is up and you can register!  Kevin has been working so hard to get it going.  Please register and run-  it’s a fantastic run!


A little late on this one, but we celebrated Grandpa Jerry’s Birthday back in March- good times!   You can also see that we’re cracking the whip on Hannah and Maxwell to practice guitar & piano.  They have times when they love it and times when it’s torture.  Surprisingly, I feel more satisfied when it’s torture.  Then I know they’re making progress!  That way, the next time they practice, it’s already become easier. 

I’m learning to enjoy spring snow this year!  Instead of whining about why it has to snow in April, I’m appreciating the unique beauty of snow laying on green grass and daffodils coming up through it.  We shouldn’t feel like the weather is being unfair to us.  It’s part of living in the beautiful Rocky mountains!  It’s a different snow- it melts so fast usually that our kids wear t-shirts outside, as it warms up again quickly.  Rocky mountain springs are GREAT!

Norah is still sharpening her skills on the Wii.  Honestly, I don’t know how she’s so great!  Maybe I shouldn’t say that… it’s probably a reflection on me (am I a bad mom if I let her play 6 hours a day? – just kidding).  Maxwell is pretty great too (I have to say that or he’ll get after me).  Truman is getting into legos more now and I knew it was bound to happen.  Thankfully, he can use all of Maxwell’s legos, which are already overflowing.  Although Truman still loves trains and cars.  His birthday is next week and Hannah asked me if she could make him a special cake.  All I can say is, thank goodness!  I’ve been waiting for the day I can essentially pass on all baking duties to Hannah.  She’s actually become a pretty skilled baker.

Kevin and I attended Valeriia Mykho’s graduation from LDS Business College this past week.  We love the Mykhos!!!!  I feel so blessed to have a forever connection with them; they are like family to me!  We have known them since our missions in Ukraine.  Krystyna is studying at BYU and Ira is still living in Ukraine.  We are so proud of Valeriia!!!