It’s hard to believe that our little Truman is 3 years old!  We first celebrated on his birthday, April 22nd, with Grandpa Jeff, the Aunties (Andrea, Allison & Bonnie) and Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Marlene.  Truman shares his birthday with Grandma Marlene!  It’s GREAT!  It was so fun to have all the family over.  We made our classic pizzas & Grandpa Jeff brought a Curious George cake, which he loved!  Unfortunately, Kevin couldn’t be with us that night, as he was out of town, but he came the next day and the kids wanted to wait to make the truck cake until their Dad could celebrate too.  Hannah and Maxwell actually helped make the truck cake pictured (basically like Tow Mater).  They ate so many of the oreos, donuts, graham crackers, etc., while making the cake, they had no desire to eat it when it was actually finished! 

We threw in another picture of a similar version of this cake years earlier on Maxwell’s 1st birthday… which one do you like better?

Lately, Truman will replace the beginning sounds on words with a “Tr” (like the beginning of his name), so Grandma has become “Trama” and bridge is “Tridge,” and so on.  Hence, I think it’s fitting that he got TRains, a TRicycle and a TRuck cake for his birthday!  Truman, we love you so much!  It was a memorable 3rd birthday, even if just for his parents. 🙂