Maxwell had a GREAT 8th Birthday… check out this Lego train set!  This was his birthday present from mom & dad.  He was begging for this train set and we were a little skeptical that it was a good idea, inasmuch as the age on the box said 14+.  Just the same, we got it and it was not a problem for him!  He got this train together in no time.  He tells us all the time that he wants to be a Lego creator/building master when he grows up (not surprised, right?). 
Maxwell is at such a great age.  We are enjoying everything about him right now:  zest & excitement for life, gratitude, kindness & sincerity to his friends and family and hard work (when he focuses in).  Sometimes you just want your kids to stay at a certain age and not get any older.  I’m sure we’ll appreciate every way he grows, every year.  But I hope I’ll never forget how great he is at this age.  
This year he didn’t want a birthday cake, but a birthday peach-blueberry cobbler!  Here he is below with his cobbler.  Can you blame him?  I think he made a great choice!  We look forward to many great birthdays ahead with our wonderful Maxwell!!!