Hannah performed as a card and a fish, in her ballet school’s production of “Alice in Wonderland” and she did GREAT!  She really enjoys doing it, but she was also relieved to be finished with the performance.  It required a lot of practice time. 

Thankfully, a lot of family members were able to come and support her-  Mom & Dad with Norah and Maxwell, Grandpa Jeff and her cousin, Maddie, Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Marlene and her cousin, Libby.  Truman stayed back with Uncle Lane & Aunt Jenny (thanks y’all!).  
Norah completely enjoyed watching all the beautiful ballerinas.  She clapped louder than any of us and narrated most of the ballet, as we kept telling her to whisper and quiet down.  Actually, just watching how much Norah enjoyed it was one of the best parts!  Maxwell also enjoyed it and was a nice brother to tell Hannah that she did great and looked beautiful!  That’s the way we all feel!