If you haven’t already heard, our family is moving in a couple of months to Great Falls, Montana, where Kevin accepted a new job with Benefis Hospital!  Moving is sad and difficult, but ultimately we hope there will be many good things that come of it.  The hardest part is leaving family!  Also great friends! Wonderful family & friends have created a little heaven on earth for us. 

But we attached the picture below, taken from the panel in our minivan, that displays the elapsed time and distance from the drive from Utah County to Great Falls.  Check it out, family & friends- it’s not that far to travel!  You have to drive 4 hours to St. George, for example, and this is just tacking on a few more.  So come on up and see us!  Or we’ll come down and see you (more often than if we lived in Alaska, for instance), which is more likely to be the case. 

Great Falls gets it’s name from a series of waterfalls on the Missouri River, by which it is situated.  They are really spectacular!  There are dams built at the waterfalls and this is the Ryan Dam, pictured above.  The picture doesn’t do it justice of course (even though it is a cool panoramic view).  Just imagine mist coming at you, along with the sound of great rushing waters!

We went up there with Hannah & Maxwell to let them see the city, schools and look for a house.  They both told us their favorite part of the trip was visiting the waterfall and also swimming in the hotel pool & hot tub (ha ha).  We look forward to sharing more adventures from our new home in Great Falls!