I learned about Neon Canyon while reading Aron Ralston’s book.  Aron describes Neon as his favorite slot canyon.  Since that time, I have been trying to plan a trip to hike this amazing slot canyon.  We finally made it! 

We left with Lane and Jenny on June 30.  As usual, grandma and grandpa watched all 8 kids so we could have another adventure (something we will greatly miss as we move to Great Falls).  We spent the night at the Egypt trail head.  The following morning we hiked into Neon Canyon after a very beautiful 4 miles across the desert landscape.

Neon Canyon requires multiple rappels culminating in the final rappel into the Grand Cathedral.

There was a lot of water in the canyon.  

In this series of photos we had to navigate our way out of a keeper pothole.  This challenge was actually quite fun.  I had to hoist Melissa to the top of the hole.  She then used a grappling hook to connect some webbing and an aider to assist the rest of us out of the pothole.

The final rappel down the Golden Cathedral lived up to expectations.  It was absolutely beautiful.