We moved the family to Great Falls on July 18th.  The house, neighbors, and city have been great.  We had a week where Kevin did not have to work and the kids did not have any activities, so we decided to break away for a quick excursion to Glacier National Park-only 2 hours from our house!  We went for one day, but on the scale of awesomeness, it was pure awesome.  We went to the Two Medicine Lake area.  Glacier has so much to offer.  I am sure we will spend years exploring this amazing national park.

We hiked to Running Eagle Waterfall.  This is a perfect hike for kids since it is very short and flat.  We spent over an hour playing around the falls while the kids threw rocks in the river.  

We then hit the Two Medicine lodge for some soft serve Huckleberry ice cream over looking the lake.  Good times…  

The upper lake was absolutely beautiful.  We took a “cruise” on an 87-year old boat by the name of Senopah around  the lake.

We retired back to the camp for the requisite all-American hot dog and marshmallow dinner.   The kids loved it.