Great Falls is known as the “Electric City” because of the hydro-power plants along the Missouri River in town.  I caught this photo the other night as Melissa and I watched an amazing lighting storm.  It puts a different spin on the electric city.

Great Falls is Great.  The weather has been great!  Not too hot (at least to me… I think the local residents thing it’s too hot, because maybe they’re used to a little less hot?).  Nice summer-type warm and dry… with a few occasional scattered thunderstorms, including giant-sized raindrops.  However, we expect that to change in several months!  I saw a picture of Great Falls in the winter, posted on the local ice skating rink website, and I felt cold just looking at it.  Just what I envisioned-  an icy cold, blue plain with frozen blue mountains in the distance.  Just the same, we’ve been hearing about the warm Chinook winds that blow in during the winter.  Although, admittedly, something seems illogical about a “warm” winter wind, but I look forward to it!

We’re all settling in pretty well.  I was just telling Kevin last night that as I drive around Great Falls, life definitely feels slower.  People aren’t rushing around as much.  They definitely drive slower!  That’s probably part of being in a somewhat smaller town, surrounded by even smaller farming communities.  We live on the north edge of town, bordered by wheat farms.  I love running out by those wheat farms… so plains-like and stretching on for miles.  That’s when I feel like I am in “big sky” country. It’s the wide-stretching plains.  Although, we can still see the mountain ranges in the distance.  There is also an air force base on the east edge of town and we frequently see the F15 jets flying through the “big sky.”

Working at Benefis seems to be going well for Kevin!  Starting a new job has it’s challenges, settling in, etc., but I know he’ll do great.  He makes me proud!  He strives to do the best he can.  At least I know if I send him off to work after a hearty, healthy breakfast, he can conquer anything that comes his way that day.  🙂  I’ve been enjoying making eggs in several different ways lately… just wanted to include a side note of my cooking adventures.  After nearly 12 years of marriage, I’m starting to learn how to make a better omelet.  It’s still coming along.

Hannah starts ballet soon at a local dance school, “Miss Linda’s School of Dance.”  She’s pretty excited to get that going again.  Norah also started up gymnastics again at “Great Falls Gymnastics Academy.”  Oh, she’s so cute in her little pink leo with adorable pigtails!  Maxwell is begging to play hockey, which of course is a staple sport in Great Falls.  We’re still considering that one… (as he’s only gone ice skating once!).  Truman told me today “I don’t have any friends.”  He’s been remembering one of his buddies, Tate, back in Highland.  Tate doesn’t live across the street anymore! 😦  I quickly assured him that he would make friends soon, as will all the kids!  Luckily, they have already made some friends from church, who live close by.  Plus, they’re excited to write letters to friends & family back in Highland.  Coloring, using lots of stickers, writing & stamping letters is tons of fun for them!

All in all, it’s been GREAT in Great Falls, only after a few weeks!