Hannah turned 11 on August 31st, 2011!  
Here is one of the amazing chocolate moose birthday cupcakes, that she, herself, made from a recipe in a really cool cupcake recipe book.  She got the book with some birthday money from Grandma.  This was not a 30 minute recipe, I can assure you.  It was like a 3-day recipe!  
Of course, the kids started on school on Hannah’s birthday, August 31st.  What a great birthday present for Hannah… ha ha!  Hannah started 6th grade with Mrs. Hutchinson, Maxwell in 3rd grade with Mrs. Ross and Norah in kindergarten with Mrs. Bannister, all at Riverview Elementary School.  They all ride the bus, which stops almost right outside our house at the corner (in the upper right hand corner of the picture with Maxwell).  The kids are starting to make new friends and we’re looking forward to a great year!  I have to admit, Norah still looks so small to be going to kindergarten all day (especially when she climbs up on that big bus), but she is loving it and is very enthusiastic.  
Little Truman also started preschool, which is very close to our house (Great Falls Parent Participation Preschool) and he loves it.  However, this morning as the kids were getting ready to head out the door to the bus stop, Truman showed me he was also ready with his jacket & backpack on.  I thought he just wanted to walk across the street to wait for the bus with me & the kids.  He headed over with us.  When the bus arrived and all the kids got on, he broke down in the saddest sobs when the kids told him he couldn’t get on the bus with them!  It was SO SAD!  But later we went to preschool where he could stare at the pet lizards, fish & turtles and had a great time!