We took a walk along the River’s Edge Trail today.  This big white bird (a crane?) was great!  There were several other Canada geese and seagulls.  Plus, are those black cranes next to the big white one?  Time to learn more about common Missouri River birds!  Of course, we passed one of the dams.  It looked much different than when Kevin & I ran by it back in the spring, when the river was in flood stage. 

The kids were too darn cute, as usual.  However, I had a little mishap… I lost my cell phone!  I was so stressed.  I ran back along the path (twice) and saw nothing.  LUCKILY, a kind woman found it and called us.  Also, she happened to live close by, so I went and got it from her.  Thank you, kind, honest lady!!!!  I can’t describe the relief I felt!  
We’ve recently discovered that we need to use reverse psychology on Norah to get her to do anything.  Even she knows it!  For example, tonight when she was playing “attack Daddy on his bed,” she said to Truman, “Should I go on the bed to attack Daddy?”  Truman,  of course, said yes.  But THEN Norah said, “No, Truman, tell me NOT to do it and then I’ll go.”  Yikes!  Well, at least we know how to get her to do stuff.  But it seems like she’s already figured it out, so is it really going to work?  Hmmm… 
Lately, when I’ve been reading Truman books, he’ll say “Amen” when it’s done.  In fact, he’ll decide when it’s time to end and shut the book with AMEN.  
Today, Maxwell had to make breakfast & dinner for the family, including clean-up and table setting (it’s for a Cub Scout achievement).  He chose blueberry pancakes for breakfast and meatball sandwiches for dinner!  Totally some of the favorite foods of Maxwell.  He did a great job, but experienced a nasty cut when chopping vegetables for the salad.  Nothing serious… a bandaid did the job, but I had to help finish up a little!