On Friday, I (Kevin) took Hannah to Bozeman for the Montana State Dance Association convention.  We had a blast! The highlight of the trip for her came when she was custom fitted into her pointe shoes by a German speaking transplant who lives in Spokane, but fits all the girls at Ballet West.  She has worked very hard to finally get to this point–pun intended.

Look at that!  Standing on her toes like a true ballerina.

Hannah is at a great age.  She still has the innocence of a little girl, but she showed great committment to each seminar.  She had classes every day for 2.5 days and she was absolutely involved in getting better.  

On Saturday night, we went to the Outback Steakhouse together followed by the movie “Johnny English Reborn.”  We had a great time together and laughed our heads off during the movie.

Bozeman was very pretty this time of year.  The air was crisp and trees were at their peak.