On Tuesday, December 13th, I was helping in Truman’s preschool class.  I was the snack mom that day.  Of course as I was doling out “ants on a log” (celery with PB and raisins) to hungry 3 & 4 year olds, I noticed my cell phone ringing.  As I was a little busy and I didn’t recognize the number, I just held off until a couple of hours later when I got home.  (Apparently, it was Maxwell’s PE teacher calling me from his cell phone.)  After I arrived home, I then got a call from the secretary at Riverview Elementary, telling me that Maxwell hurt his foot or ankle on the playground and needed to be picked up asap.  
I was thinking, ugh… It’s probably just a sprained ankle and now he’s going to miss school for this!  So I went and got him, displaying absolutely no emotional alarm in front of the secretary.  She definitely seemed more concerned than me.  Instead, I just gave a nod of my head to Maxwell, like come on, let’s go.  We proceeded to head out to the car and he hopped nearly the whole way, before I became impatient enough to say, look let me just give you a piggy back ride!  Maxwell:  No, mom, no!  That’s so embarrassing!  Whatever.  Maxwell told me the whole story of how it happened.  He was playing tag with his friends and caught his foot in a railing on the playground equipment while running around on it.  A friend pushed him over, not knowing that his foot was caught.  He pulled it out, but it really hurt, etc.
We came home, and I’m saying the whole time, you’ve just got a sprained ankle!  You’ll be fine after a day or ibuprofen, etc.  I even tried to get him to do a few chores around the house (as he’s crawling on all four).  The next day he stayed home from school… it was just too swollen and painful.  Yet, I’m saying once again, don’t worry about it!  With some more ibuprofen (hey look, it’s the yummy berry flavor!:)), you’ll be fine by tomorrow and DEFINITELY able to go back to school.  
The next morning:  Mom, it really hurts and I can’t put my shoe on because my foot is too big! Uh oh.  (Hmm… maybe this isn’t just a sprained ankle?)  Once again, I needed to take Truman to preschool, so Kevin volunteered to take him to urgent care.  Kevin called me a couple of hours later.  Apparently after an x-ray, it was confirmed that he had 3 broken bones.  Ooops…  
So, they allowed him to wear this boot thing, instead of a cast, if he’s careful and really good about keeping it on for the next month.  (Of course, if he’s not good about it, he has to go back for a cast.)  The doc said it should take 6-8 weeks to heal completely.  
BUT, look at how good his life is now!  I don’t make him run around the house doing as many chores.  He gets special treatment and Kevin even got him a pizza when they came home from the hospital.  Not to mention, his sympathetic Grandma Marlene got him a little present to pass the time.  Life is great!  I still forget about his situation occasionally, like this morning when I told him to run downstairs and get his sister.  I didn’t hear a complaint, but I did hear the crutches start up… thump, thump, thump…  But then, Maxwell said, hey, mom, is it okay if Norah goes?  Oh, oh yeah… forgot about that!  🙂