9th Street Bridge in Great Falls

Most of you have heard about our return to Utah.  We have tried to keep it quiet due to work sensitivities, but we are at a point where we feel like we can go public.

We optimistically moved to Great Falls in July with a lot of hope about the community and job.  Kevin joined the local hospital in Great Falls and had concerns from the beginning.  For the purposes of a public blog, let’s just say it wasn’t a “good fit.”  Don’t misinterpret, there are wonderful and kind people in Great Falls.  But we knew early on it probably wasn’t going to work out at work.

And so, we find ourselves back in Utah.  Our house in Highland is under a 24-month lease, so we had to find a rental.  We found a great place not far from our old neighborhood- close to friends and family.  We have plugged ourselves back into the great life we had before we left.  The kids are back in ballet, swimming, gymnastics, etc.

An event like this begs the question, “Why did we feel so right about moving to Great Falls if it only lasted 6 months?”  It’s a great question with a lot of complex answers–many of the answers will probably become apparent in the coming weeks, months, and even years.

We will miss many of the wonderful people in Great Falls.  We will miss the surrounding scenic landscape–Montana is a beautiful state.  It is too bad we only had one quick trip to Glacier National Park.  We are committed to returning soon!

However, we are also excited to be back in Utah.  We are already scheming our next canyoneering trips and races.

For now, we are going to take a week off and take the kids to Disneyland.  I haven’t been in 20+ years and Melissa has never been.  It should be fun.