Disney does not disappoint.  

After years of resistance, I finally took the family to Disneyland.  It has been awesome.  We rode every ride we could on our first day and we are spent.  
Two more days of this and then the beach.
Quotes from the day:
Maxwell on Star Tours, “Dad, this is the most advanced technology I’ve ever seen.”
Norah to Truman on the Finding Nemo ride,”Hold my hand Tru, it’s not too scary.”
Norah on Pirates of the Caribbean, “I like seeing dead people!”
Maxwell after Splash Mountain, “That was just so freaky.”  Truman said, “I’m all dirty.” (of course he was just wet, but he loved it!)
Norah as she rode on my shoulders, “I haven’t tooted today yet, and now I have to.”

I have been working on creating a sense of motion, while keeping the primary object in focus.  I’m getting slightly better as seen while I tried to photograph Melissa and the kids on the Tea Pots.