It was a great final day in Disneyland. We spent the morning finishing all the rides on California Adventure. We rode the California Screaming roller coaster. Hannah and Maxwell had a blast. The whole the we were on the ride, Hannah was laughing and screaming.

We then went over to Disneyland where each kid got to pick out a toy or piece of memorabilia. Hannah picked out a crystal dragon and Mickey Mouse earrings. Maxwell picked out a Jedi gun and Jedi Training School t-shirt. Norah chose a Tangled dress, wig, and tiara.  Truman selected a Star Wars Alliance Nerf gun and Cars toys.
We rode Pirates of the Caribbean one more time as a family and then went back to the hotel for some pool time. It started to rain pretty hard, but we went swimming anyway. It was great. Hannah Maxwell, and I set up an obstacle course, including the crab walk and standing on a chair we placed in the pool, and swimming around the pool. It was a fun race.  
After dinner at IHOP, where Truman ate more food than I have ever seen him eat, and we headed back to the park for two more rides before we retired to the hotel for the night.
So, our time in the park is over. We will spend tomorrow at the beach.
Overall, our family first Disney experience was great.  I think we came at a great time of year.  The longest we ever waited in line was 15 minutes.  On more than one occasion, we spent more time walking through the line maze than we actually did waiting.  It was great.  My only regret is that Truman was one centimeter too short for a lot of the rides. We were able to sneak him on Splash Mountain, but the other rides were pretty strict about the height restriction.  Little Truman would try and stand on his tip toes while wearing cowboy boots.  Oh well, he still had fun!

As we rode the swinging Ferris wheel, Norah said to Maxwell, “don’t be scare…just think of all your favorite things. I’m thinking of unicorns.”