Every Earth Day is a Birthday!  In our case, it’s both Grandma and Truman!  This cake is a family favorite now… the German Chocolate Beet Cake (yes, it has lots of pureed beets in it and it’s very good), which fortunately looks a lot like a crumbling dirt mountain when piled up.  Works perfectly for the dinosaur lego battle.  Can you see the dinosaur behind the candles?  Maxwell more than willingly helped construct the legos.  We enjoyed some good times at Lane & Jenny’s house.

Also, Truman’s big birthday gift was a new bike!  He’s mastered the bike without pedals and it looked like he could move up.  We’re excited to see how it goes.  Hannah gave him some play dough and Maxwell gave him a lego Tow Mater (from Cars).  As Truman has been constantly asking for a dog, his cousins gave him an extremely cute puppy (it’s a stuffed animal… THANK YOU)!  After he had opened all his presents, he looked at his cousins and said, um can I have another present?  All in all, it was a fantastic day… perfect weather and great company, including a perfect little Truman and a fantastic Grandma Marlene!