Melissa and I have grown to love canyoneering.  Please don’t misinterpret, we aren’t pros by any stretch.  In fact, our canyoneering resume is fairly limited.  This year, as I planned out our event calendar, I decided that I would like to do Rock of Ages, near Moab.  As I read about the canyon, I learned of an optional 170 ft. rappel off an amazing arch–I knew we had to do it.  However, as I considered putting Melissa on the end of my rappel line, I recognized that I wanted more training to ensure better safety.

So, I registered for a canyoneering course.  I spent May 26-29 in a pretty intense training in Cedar City.  We spent time in the classroom and out in a canyon behind Cedar City replicating real life scenarios.  It was awesome.  Hopefully, this training will allow us to hike both Rock of Ages and Kolob this year.

I also took some time to practice some photography…I captured this sun ray as it pierced the clouds over Cedar Breaks.

I rode my bike from Cedar City to Cedar Break National Park, one of the prettiest and most challenging rides I have ever done (no food and I bonked hard! Plus, check out that elevation)…