Maxwell was the first out of the water, by a long way!
This is the first time Hannah & Maxwell have been able to participate in a triathlon and they rocked it!  They had a lot of fun.  Maxwell had to swim 25 meters, bike 1.5 miles and run .5 miles.  Hannah had to swim 200 meters, bike 6K and run 1 mile.  We could tell Maxwell’s nervous anticipation by how many times he asked us if he could swim warm up laps in the water… 2 hours before he even started.  This is not the first time or last time I’ll say this in his life, but Maxwell has a lot of persistent energy!  It’s great, but it’s also taxing on parents.  However, I was amazed at Hannah’s seemingly serene demeanor before the race.  I kept asking, how do you feel about swimming out to that bouy, Hannah?  One word: great!  I watched her do a combination of freestyle and backstroke.  Maxwell busted out freestyle the whole time.  They’re already looking forward to the next triathlon!