This was a Father’s Day to REMEMBER!  We were having a Father’s Day dinner at Grandpa Jeff’s & Grandma Brooke’s house when I caught a glance of the inside of Norah’s mouth, as she was talking to me.  We’ve known for some time that her little bottom tooth was loose (her very first loose tooth!).  But I saw that the new tooth was already coming in behind the loose one.  We knew that tooth needed to come out right away!

Ellie also had a very loose tooth on the bottom.  We tried to get Norah & Ellie excited by convincing them it would be fun to pull their teeth at the same time.  At first, it wasn’t working out so well… Norah was getting all crazy and Ellie started to tear up!  So I thought we were done.  But only a few moments later, I walked into the other room, where Kevin already had a hold of Norah’s tooth and pulled it right out!  Yet, another reason to celebrate a great father on Father’s Day!  Ellie came into the room and saw Norah’s combined shock & joy… Then her daddy, Mark, convinced her to let him give it another try.  It came right out!  Yet another father, fulfilling his duty on Father’s Day.  Honestly, I think it’s super cool that these best cousins lost their first teeth on the same day!  Grandpa Jeff rewarded them each with a dollar for their bravery!  Thanks, Grandpa!