My, my, my was this a wedding cake to remember!  Andrea was one busy girl as she got this cake mixed, baked, frosted, assembled… and I wasn’t even there!  But my other sisters and brothers told me the tale.  Allison (and everyone else), may you forever enjoy this cake picture and its glorious deliciousness, because it will never happen again!  Ha ha… Isn’t that right, Andrea?  I once made a cake that looked like a hamburger for Hannah’s 2nd birthday and I’ve already told all my kids that it will never be repeated.  It was an amazing cake, really.  But it took the whole freaking day!  I know for a fact that this cake took longer than a whole freaking day.  Enough said.  
 Now I will back track… We started the day at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, where Andrew & Allison got married.  They looked great!  Totally great together.  After the sealing, we went outside for pictures and unfortunately it was super windy and hot, but we still managed to get family pictures.  Then everyone drove over to Thorne Park for lunch.  Aunt Martha & Uncle Dave helped provide a nice experience!  It was good to have the opportunity to chat with family and get to know Andrew’s family a little more.  

Later that evening, we went to Stone Gate Center for the Arts in Pleasant Grove for the reception.  That is where the glorious cake is pictured.  The kids had a fantastic time at the reception.  There was a nice grassy hill and they were totally content to play there with their cousins for the 4 hours we were there.  Aunt Katie was able to get Norah to let her curl her hair (hallelujah!).  Isn’t she adorable?  Italian sodas were served at the reception and I have no idea how many my kids drank, but it seemed like Jay & Truman were almost constantly chugging one.  

All in all, a fantastic day to remember.  When we got home late that night, my kids asked if anyone else in the family could get married so we could repeat the day (mostly the Italian sodas… ).