This is Maxwell’s first time playing lacrosse and he really enjoyed it!  In fact, I enjoy playing catch with him.  We got 2 lacrosse sticks just for that reason!  Today was their last game of the season:  American Fork vs. Springville.  Those poor Springville boys got slaughtered.  Maxwell’s team played great and he scored 3 goals.   He had several other attempts, but we were really hoping he’d get some goals and he didn’t disappoint!  We’re so proud of him.  In fact, the difference in how he played this game versus the first game was huge.  He made a lot of progress.

Maxwell, like his parents, loves a lot of different sports.  It’s hard for him to NOT play a sport that he really wants to play.  He still wants to play lacrosse in the fall… and soccer, and swimming, and flag football and hockey… I’m sure the list could continue.  This is the hard thing for him and us!  Stay tuned as we attempt doing both soccer & lacrosse in the next month… I am a crazy parent!