We had a great time at our first camping trip this summer!  Just a short one, but with younger kids, it’s challenging to manage much more.  Norah caught her first rainbow trout.  We brought our kayak, but only 3 could go out at a time on the lake.  So I would stay on shore while Kevin took a couple of kids out.  Of course there was a little fighting about which kids would go out first, so they drew sticks.  The first two would have been Maxwell & Norah, but Maxwell immediately offered to let Hannah go with Norah.  He wanted to be with Truman!  Truman has really become more and more of a big boy, or at least he wants to be bigger, like his brother.  So the boys wanted to be together and the girls wanted to be together.  
Then we went back to camp, but I stayed back at camp with the younger two the next time while Kevin took the older two out for another go at it.  Maxwell got a fish the next time.  Probably one of the most important points of any camping trip is the fire.  They LOVE the fire.  The kids can nearly constantly occupy themselves with the fire.  And in our family, smoke doesn’t follow beauty, but “smoke follows booty!” as Norah says.  So I guess whoever has the biggest booty?
Now, to a more G-rated moment… We got all the kids in their sleeping bags, telling everyone to be quiet and just go to sleep, dang it.  It’s quiet for several minutes and then we hear Truman saying his prayers!  Then Norah starts coaching him, on saying it correctly.  What a good boy!  Little kids have such a sincere faith.  We love them like crazy!  Also check out Truman cooking PRE-cooked bacon over the fire…  Mmmm, mmm!

Oh, and what a night we had.  It was very cold.  We brought an air mattress for the first time, that Kevin got when he was in Great Falls by himself.  Unfortunately, it was leaking air through the night and half way through, my butt had already reached the ground.  I was in a hammock-like position.  Plus we were freezing without sleeping bags and just using some blankets.  There’s so much we forget about making a great sleeping situation for camping until we go!  Hopefully we’ll remember by the next time…