This morning Melissa and I participated in the Herriman Black Ridge Triathlon.  Most importantly, Melissa completed an open water swim in competition!  I am crazy proud of her!  Remember, this is from a girl who until 18 months ago had very little swimming exposure.
I am not to humble to admit it either, MELISSA BEAT ME ON THE BIKE AND RUN!  Holy cow, she rocks it!  If she got her swimming and transitions down, she would podium for sure.  As for me, I need to lose the 20 pounds of chub that has been haunting my waste line for the past 6 years (right before my foot injury).  To recap, I took 105th place and Melissa took 145th place out of a field of 400.

As an event organizer, I have been thinking of a rating methodology that scores events based on race details.  So, I will attempt to rate this event.  I probably should weight each of these factors, but given these ratings are already subjective, I’m not sure it matters much.  
Course: 7/10, a lot of hills, traffic, and who wants to end an event on a loose gravel up hill climb?  With that said, this is Utah and there are mountains!  Almost every event in Utah is beautiful.  
Shirt:  3/10, seriously, it seems every event uses these cheap things.  Where is the quality?
SWAG:  7/10, nice Hammer gel, but nothing else.
On-time Start: 4/10, started 15 minutes late.
Volunteers:  9/10, I’m always easy on this group.  They volunteer their time for crying out loud.  But, these guys needed a little more energy.
Medal:  8/10, solid medal, good design, but the ribbon left me wanting.
Aid Stations: 7/10, okay, but again, needs more energy and cheering.
Packet Pick-up: 8/10, I loved that I had several days to choose from with very flexible hours!  That was awesome, but not including the timing chip in the packet limits the score.
Timing:  5/10, The turnaround time to posting results online is the most important factor for me.  In fact, I believe these should be posted immediately.  Results were not posted until 9:00pm the night of the event.  That is unacceptable.  
Finish line:  8, pretty good.  Nice arch, feather flags, and a decent crowd.  I love ending on grass with a pavilion nearby.  Watermelon, oranges, and pineapple were available aplenty.  It just needed more music and a good MC with the ability to draw the crowd to the finishers.  

Would I do it again?  Yes, decent chance Melissa and I will do this next year.
The day was made even better by the Tour of Utah passing through town!  I took Maxwell, Norah, and Truman to downtown Alpine to watch these amazing pro cyclists ride through.  It was a long wait for about 1 minute of action, but it was still worth it.  I came within feet of team Garmin-Sharp, including one of my cycling heroes, local legend, and time trial expert Dave Zabiskie (also known as Captain America).  It was pretty cool.