This was our first time doing the Grand Teton Relay and it was awesome!  There’s no way we would say that at 2:30 AM when we’re running and tired out of our minds.  Every other time I’ve done a relay race and I’m staying up for 24 hours, I’m thinking how I’ll never do it again.  But after the race is done, we’re always proud of ourselves for getting through it.  There’s something about pushing yourself as hard as you can on your turn to run and then climbing into the van, dripping with sweat and stinking it up!  It’s nasty, but it sure makes great friendships.  Our team was named Perpetual Motion Squad (or Team PMS from the TV sitcom Big Bang Theory).  Actually, the name happened to be appropriate for me this time around… Our team included:  Josh & Jena Rohatinsky, Lane & Jenny Brooks and Kevin & me.  Yes, I can’t believe I’m saying this after the hard runs, the grueling heat and the dreaded sleep deprivation, but we had a great time!