Hannah turned 12 on August 31.  It is unbelievable to think she has changed from out sweet little baby to an amazing young woman.  Hannah means “grace of God.”  This is such a perfect name for her.  Hannah has so many great characteristics, but the one that stands out most is her kindness to everyone, especially her younger siblings.  It is very common for Hannah to save a portion of treats/gifts she receives to share with her siblings.  She is also a second mother to them.  Whenever we go on a date night, we return home to a clean house and the kids tucked tightly in their beds.

Hannah has Melissa’s ability of insane commitment and self-discipline.  For her birthday we discussed several different ideas for gifts.  She chose new point shoes and a dance seminar.  She loves ballet and it is great to watch her twirl around the house as she does her chores.

Hannah is an insatiable reader.  It is very common to find her in her room with her nose in a book.  

We love her dearly and we are so happy to feel the grace she provides this world!