We went up the canyon late this afternoon to cook some hot dogs and marshmallows. The leaves are absolutely stunning right now. The kids had a great time. Make sure you open this post to see some updated photos of our kids!

Little Truman has changed so much this year.  He started preschool and he’s trying to be more independent.  I often hear, “I can do it!” Or “Let me do it!”  He’s having more grown-up type behavior.    For instance, he really enjoys watching “How It’s Made.”  It’s a Discovery channel show that details how different things are made.  He was recently watching how Fig Newtons are made, when the narrator said, “Then, they add the corn syrup.”  I immediately heard Truman say, “Mmmm, corn syrup. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!”  Wait, my son said that??? MY son?!  If any of you know me well, you’ll understand my complete shock.  
On to Maxwell!  Isn’t he handsome?!  Maxwell makes our life so much fun with his constant enthusiasm.  He has a lot of excitement about life.  He’s always curious.  Also, he tries so hard to please his parents!  However, sometimes, we worry that we’re a little too hard on him.  At his most recent parent teacher conference, his teacher showed me a paper he had to fill out, explaining why he got 3 A grades and 1 B grade.  Not bad grades at all!  But under each one, he said “I”m not working hard enough.”  Oh dear!  That night, Kevin & I reevaluated our parenting with him…  One thing’s for sure, he wants to do his very best!
Hannah has entered a whole new phase of life:  Timberline Middle School!  I immediately cringe at the thought of middle school.  I told her it was okay if she hated it (another great example of my bad parenting!).  But actually, she seems to be enjoying it so far!  Miracles never cease.  She’s still staying plenty busy with ballet and guitar/piano and now, weekly young women activities.  Also, I’m pretty sure she’s read more books by now than I’ve ever read in my lifetime.  What a little (growing up) reader she is!

Little Miss Norah is also an EXCELLENT reader.  Yes, on our blogs, we get to brag about our kids as much as we want!  She is amazing, I think, for a 1st grader.  She is definitely following in her big sister’s footsteps and reads a lot!  She reads to herself all the time and loves making “books.”  It’s several pieces of paper stapled together with a story and fantastic illustrations.  We’ll have to post one of her books sometime.  They’re great.  
The big news about Norah is that she was just accepted in the Chinese Immersion program at Alpine Elementary School!  As much as we hate to have her leave Ridgeline and her incredible 1st grade teacher (Mrs. Johnson), we couldn’t pass up this opportunity.  It will be a challenging transition initially, but we’re sure she’ll do great!