Pumpkin carving gets better every year!  I think that’s because the kids are getting older and more capable of carving their own pumpkins.  But that only goes for Hannah and Maxwell… Of course Truman had the biggest pumpkin and Kevin really tackled the hawk design that he chose.  The weather was absolutely perfect for trick-or-treating!  I walked around with Norah & Truman and Hannah & Maxwell were on their own this year with other friends.  It’s so nice that even trick-or-treating is getting better every year.

“Find something your kids want more than candy and allow them to trade their candy in for it,” she said. “The Brooks family of Highland has been using this strategy for years, with no complaints from their four children, ages 12, 9, 6 and 4. One year, the trade was for money. Another year it was for toys and another was for dinner and a movie.”