This is the fourth time Hannah has been in the Nutcracker and her second year of being a “party girl.” Last year, she was a party girl in the traveling Eugene Ballet Company that came through Great Falls.  The two previous years, she was a candy cane in the BAC Nutcracker.  This was her first year participating in the Nutcracker with Classical Ballet Academy.  In ACT I of the the Nutcracker, “Herr Drosselmeyer” is at a party and gives a Nutcracker to a little girl, Clara.  There are several other children at the party.  Hannah got to play one of the other girls at the party.  We loved watching her as always!  
Usually parents have to help with the production in some manner.  This time I volunteered to chaperone Hannah’s group of party girls during ACT II (when they’re not performing) for two evening performances.  Thankfully, the party girls are an older group of 11-13 year olds and they don’t require much babysitting besides trying to curb any drama that happens off stage. 🙂  When you have twenty 11-13 year old girls together for 2 hours, it can be a party backstage too!!  Although Hannah spent most of her offstage time reading her new book.