Oh yes, all the same fun traditions!  Dying eggs, spending time with family, egg hunts, begging our kids not to eat too much candy, etc.  This year, however, Hannah didn’t want to participate in the egg hunts.  She’s growing up.  But that came in handy later on when we needed someone to help hide the eggs at Grandma & Grandpa Brooks’ house!  Plus, she helped Truman look for eggs.  The smallest person usually needs a little help to keep up.

Our Easter morning started off with a family egg hunt, followed by 9 AM church and then egg coloring at home.  We watched “To This End Was I Born,” which shows the story of Christ’s death and resurrection.  Afterwards, we headed down to Mark & Katie’s house for a Keith family Easter party!  Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Charlie prepared another fun Easter egg hunt.  We finished at Grandma & Grandpa Brooks’ house, with a final egg hunt in the dark, with flashlights.  The kids loved all of it!  Kevin & I were remembering back on our Easter days as kids- we’re pretty sure we only did ONE hunt.  Our kids are spoiled!!