After last year’s Pinewood Derby results, we knew we had to do better. This year we committed to making the best car we could with the goal of winning at least one heat.

Maxwell ended up racing his cousins in his first heat, both McKay and Caden! As he waited at the finish line on his second heat, he was in shock when his car fell off the track and broke 2 wheels and axels! Thanks to the help of Lance Greer, who graciously donated a wheel, we were able to piece the car back together in the pit stop.

We quickly returned the car to the race for the final heat of the night. It was a close race, but Maxwell clocked a smoking fast time—a Pine Car miracle!

With those two times, Maxwell took first place in the Bear Pack! He was pretty excited. As for me, I enjoyed the time with Maxwell, but I’m glad it’s over.