We had an amazing weekend in Moab!  Southern Utah/Moab has to be my favorite place.  In fact, I can’t understand why it’s not everyone’s favorite place!  It’s absolutely beautiful.  The red canyon walls, the amazing rock formations/arches, just the beauty of the desert.  The wildflowers were in bloom and the weather was perfect.
We went down to celebrate Grandma Marlene’s 60th birthday as a family, as well as participate in a bike race that Kevin & I did once a couple years back:  The Moab Gran Fondo.  This time Lane did it with us.  It’s a beautiful, beautiful race course.  We stayed in Rim Village once again (a house rental) and the kids loved it.  They spent a lot of time in the pool, of course.  The pictures show a few different hikes that we took (Negro Bill, Faux Falls, & Corona Arch).  Truman was definitely more independent this time.  He wanted to scale rocks and climb over rough terrain without any help.  Just the same, we had Norah & Truman on our shoulders half the time!

Faux Falls, Moab
Negro Bill Canyon

Morning Glory Arch

Moab Gran Fondo

Norah at Faux Falls