Truman is officially riding a 2-wheeler. One side of me is, of course, super proud and the other side kinda sad. This is my last child I will teach to ride a bike! It’s amazing how much easier it was with him because we used the no-pedal glider bike. That is such a great way for kids to learn the sensation of balancing on wheels. After that, it is as simple as learning to pedal. I remember with my other kids we would spend hours with me running behind them and teaching how to turn and balance. 

Truman, like Maxwell, sticks out his tongue in moments of concentration. This trait not only comes from their dad, but also from their Grandpa Jeff. 

Norah just upgraded to Hannah’s old bike and is super proud of herself to be on a big-kid bike. She also lost another tooth this morning.

Maxwell loves riding his mountain bike. He is really into tricks and building ramps out of scrap lumber. Aahhhh the good ol’ days of summer.