I wish it was under better circumstances that I returned to my childhood home in Casper, Wyoming  this last week. Unfortunately, it was for a funeral of a very close childhood friend. 

I hope Kalia is finally able to find peace.

I drove to Casper with Jenny who’s best friend is Kalia’s sister.  After the funeral we went to lunch with old friends–good times!

This is the house I consider my childhood home on Nottingham Drive. It was such an awesome place to grow up. A lot of good memories. It has changed a lot since we lived there.
 It looks so much smaller as an adult, but this is the park we referred to as “The Pit.” I think it was officially called Fun Valley Park, but The Pit never escaped our vernacular. A lot of baseball practice, sledding, smooching, and hanging out took place at this park. 

This is the home we first lived in when the family relocated from Oklahoma. I think we left this place when I was almost 8 years old.

I attended Centennial Junior High from 7-9th grade.

This is my elementary school, Manor Heights.

Where we attended church in Casper.