The first activity of our vacation included a couple of hikes at Crater Lake National Park. After watching an amazing video in the visitor center on the formation of the lake, we hiked to the summit of Garfield Peak (a 3.2 mile roundtrip hike that tops out just over 7,000 feet). By the end of the hike, the rain started to fall pretty heavy. Our next hike in mind was the Cleetwood Cove trail. This short, but steep trail ends at the water’s edge where the forest service operates a tour boat. Adjacent to the dock is an awesome swimming and cliff jumping hole. I mean, how often can you say you jumped into an active volcano!? After I jumped, I waited in the water for Hannah to make the leap. To be honest, I thought she would be a little more timid. To my surprise, she just jumped on in without much hesitation at all. After seeing me, Hannah, and Uncle Lane make the jump, Maxwell mustered the courage an made the jump as well. As I sat on the rocks below waiting to photograph Maxwell, a 40-year old guy who was there with friends told me he wasn’t going to jump, but after he saw Hannah jump off the cliff, he knew he didn’t have a choice. 
Melissa Here:  I REALLY regret not jumping off.  It was cold & rainy and I wimped out because of the cold, but I may have missed my only opportunity to jump into a volcano. 😦  I’m so proud of my kids and Kevin for braving the cold.  Crater Lake National Park was absolutely beautiful and AMAZING!!!  I wish we could’ve spent a couple more days there to really experience more hikes, take the ferry ride and just soak in the beauty.  It’s also nice that our kids our getting older and able to do these hikes… well, at least mostly!  Truman & Norah still begged us to carry them on our shoulders, which happened mostly with Truman.  But it’s getting better all the time!
Maxwell cliff jumping